Cassidy DeMarco

musician, filmmaker, designer, etc from Portland, Oregon
Music I've been making music since the late 90's, using several different pseudonyms. My main project of the past five years has been Gouseion. To date I have put out 13 Gouseion releases, all of which are free / pay-what-you-want on my Bandcamp site.
Film I've only recently started seriously experimenting with film, but I'm a lifelong fan. I hope to complete my first short film in 2015. You can view my film projects on my Vimeo site.
Design I've been an amateur designer for many years. Sometimes I make websites for people. You can see some recent design work on my Behance site.
Writing My undergraduate degree is in English and Creative Writing, so obviously I'm working on a novel. Check out some blogging on my blog.
About In addition to the stuff above I'm an ethical vegan and animal advocate. I like bikes a lot, and am a certified mechanic at the Community Cycling Center. I also like cats, fluffy ones.